Thursday, 24 November 2016

What are the Important Characteristics of Residential Properties?

Buying a home is a great way to provide a sense of security to your family members. It’s one of the biggest decisions in an individual’s life. However, purchasing any residential property can prove to be quite expensive. Apartments and villas are two of the main options available to anyone planning to buy a new home.

Before you purchase a home, evaluate some of the essential characteristics of residential properties, which have been discussed below.


Many home owners opt to purchase an apartment in a multifamily structure or a building complex. Herein, you will be sharing the common area, building amenities and other facilities available in the building complex with other residents. Say for instance, residential property in Mohali primarily comprises building complexes with apartments ranging from one bedroom, hall, and kitchen set up to duplexes and penthouses. However, with residential complexes, residents can avail of facilities such as swimming pool, fully-equipped gymnasium, landscaped gardens and many more such amenities within the building complex itself. These wide ranges of facilities make purchasing an apartment all the more appealing especially to a first time home owner.

Villas and Residential Plots

If you want to design your home as per your desires, then you can consider purchasing a plot of land from a real estate developer. Sometimes, realtors offer plots within a residential project. Here too certain facilities like park, children’s play area and schools are constructed by the developers to meet the requirements of modern families. However, you can design the house itself as per your wishes or choose the design provided by the realtor. These houses usually are much more expensive in comparison to apartments. Additionally, you can also purchase a villa or a single or a double storeyed house directly from the realtor developing such houses in a region or a colony.
Nevertheless, before you enter into a transaction or complete a home purchasing deal, it is essential to get the paperwork vetted by a renowned civil lawyer, to be assured of the legitimacy of the deal.